what to bring

Here is our list of recommended items for you to bring skiing and snowboarding in order to guarantee a fun first day on the slopes. If you are in need of anything on this list when you get here, everything on this list is available in the Village at Copper, and most is available in any of our base areas. We recommend the Mountain Adventure Center in the Village at Copper for the best selection of gear in the village.
  • Backpack - for extra clothes & supplies, if you don't want it once here, locker it. (Lockers are available at all 3 base areas -in Union Creek, Copper One in the Village at Copper, and Copper Station in the East Village.)
  • Hat - if your head is warm the rest of you is likely to stay warm.
  • Water proof Gloves/Mittens - mittens are warmest.
  • Scarf and long underwear is always nice
  • Goggles/Sunglasses - you definitely need UV protection, the sun's 40% stronger up here. Goggles are strongly recommended on cold or snowy days for warmth and increased visibility.
  • Jacket/Parka (water resistant)
  • Synthetic or wool base layers for top & bottom - it's better to be warm than cold, you can always shed layers. Synthetic materials help to wick moisture away from your skin. Once again, NO COTTON.
  • Snow/Water resistant pants - very important, your 1st day will acquaint your butt to the snow, keep it warm & dry.
  • Warm, dry socks - No cotton. Wear only one pair of socks.
  • Sunscreen - SPF 15 or higher
  • Lip Balm
  • Snack, Fruit, Energy Bar
  • Trail Map - available for free throughout the mountain.
  • ID, Wallet, Cash
  • Extra Clothes, Shoes - to change into when you're all done, in order to go out and celebrate your 1st day.
  • Water - stay hydrated to help with altitude acclimation.
  • Equipment - either skis, poles and boots; or snowboard and snowboard specific boots.
If you need equipment, Copper's got you covered. Just make sure you get here early and one of our rental technicians will be able to spend time with getting you into the ideal gear.

If you have questions that regard renting equipment.